Craft: The Powerpuff Girls Glitter Night Lights

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This Powerpuff Girls glitter night light post is in partnership with Hulu. All opinions are mine. #PowerpuffOnHulu

Powerpuff Girls Glitter Night Lights

The Powerpuff Girls were a big part of my youth and I’m excited to pass on my Powerpuff love to my children! I was thrilled to discover that Hulu is the only place to now find the full classic animated series. To celebrate, my kiddos helped me craft up Powerpuff Girl night lights, full of glitter, that they use at bedtime. These glittered jars would also make adorable party centerpieces! 

The Powerpuff Girls centers on three sugar-coated superheroes, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, whose missions in life alternate between going to school, fighting crime, winning at hopscotch and saving the world before bedtime. The girls are frequently called upon by the town’s mayor to help fight nearby criminals using their powers. While their differences cause them to squabble and tease, their individual strengths combined always lead them to victory. They rely on teamwork, trust, and friendship to thwart evil (in the most adorable way).

Watch the trailer!


3 Mason Jars
Red, Blue, Green Glitter
Decoupage Glue
Sponge Brush
Red, Blue, Green Tulle
E-600 Glue
Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles Toys
Battery Operated Tea Light Candle


Step 1: Use a sponge brush to add a layer of decoupage glue to a mason jar, avoiding the rim of the glass. 

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 1 copy

Step 2: Before the glue dries, sprinkle green glitter on the glue. Shake off excess glitter. Repeat steps 1 – 2 using the red and blue glitter colors. 

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 2 copy

Step 3: Tie a piece of coordinating tulle around the rim of the jars. Fan the ends out to look like a bow. 

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 4 copy

Step 4: Add a dab of E-6000 glue to the inside legs of the Powerpuff Girls toys. Attach to the side of the jars, as shown in the photos. 

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 5 copy Power Puff Glitter Night Light 6 copy Power Puff Glitter Night Light 8 copy

Step 5: Add a battery operated tea light candle to each jar. 

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 9 copy Power Puff Glitter Night Light 15 copy

Step 6: Use as a night light at bedtime or as a party centerpiece! Have fun “saving the world before bedtime”!

Power Puff Glitter Night Light 10 copy Power Puff Glitter Night Light 7 copy Power Puff Glitter Night Light 12 copy

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