Halloween: DIY Vanellope Costume from Disney Wreck It Ralph

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This DIY Vanellope costume post contains affiliate links for your convenience.

DIY Vanellope Halloween Costume from Disney Wreck It Ralph

Calling all Disney Wreck-It Ralph fans! I shared our DIY Fix-It Felix costume the other day and couldn’t wait to share our DIY Vanellope Von Schweetz costume. My 4 year old is obsessed with the movie and is just like Vanellope, with her overly-bubbly and optimistic personality. They could be doppelg√§ngers. She was thrilled with my DIY version of Vanellope! Vanellope is a little more time consuming than the Felix costume, especially painting the tights, but it was well worth the effort. This costume would be perfect for a Halloween Disney Cruise or Mickey’s Halloween Party! Stay tuned for our DIY Wreck-It Ralph costume. 

Vanellope_von_Schweetz_-4_(no_background) (1)


white pullover
teal liquid Rit dye
hot pink paracord
hot glue gun
miniature candy ornaments 
bobby pins
red mesh craft cord 
hair tie
white sweater tights
painters tape
sponge brush
teal acrylic paint
purple acrylic paint


Step 1: If you can’t find a mint or teal hoodie, grab a white hoodie and use Rit liquid dye to dye it teal. Follow the dye instructions on the bottle and don’t forget to use gloves – or you’ll end up with green hands for a few days (I speak from experience). 

Vanellope Halloween Costume 5 copy

Step 3: If your hoodie already has a string, remove and replace with hot pink paracord. If your hoodie is like mine and has no place for a string, hot glue or sew 2 pieces of paracord (approximately 4 inches long) to the inside of the hoodie at the collar. Tie knots at the end of both pieces. Cut 3, 1 inch pieces of paracord and hot glue or sew them to the hoodie pocket, as shown below in the photo. 

Vanellope Halloween Costume 4 copy

Step 4: Head to the Christmas section and pick out a few miniature candy ornaments. I used gum drops, hard candy and peppermint ornaments. You can simply loop the gum drops through the bobby pins. For the hard candy and peppermints, I cut off the ornament hook. I then sandwiched a bobby pin between 2 pieces of felt and glued the ornament to the felt. Tie a piece of mesh red craft cord in a bow to a hair tie. 

Vanellope Halloween Costume 6 copy

Step 5: Grab a pair of white sweater tights and place a piece of cardboard inside each tight leg. Use painters tape to tape them, as shown in the photo below. The left leg will be taped straight and the right leg will be taped at a diagonal. Paint around the tape, using teal acrylic paint. Allow to fully dry overnight before removing the tape.

Vanellope Halloween Costume 1 copy

Step 6: Once the teal is completely dry, remove the painters tape and tape a new thin line inside each white space on the left leg (as shown below). Use a sponge brush to paint purple in between the tape pieces, to create a thin purple line.

Vanellope Halloween Costume 2 copy

Step 7: Allow the purple paint to completely dry overnight before carefully removing the tape pieces. Remove the cardboard pieces from inside the tights. 

Vanellope Halloween Costume 3 copy

Step 8: You’ll also need to find a brown skirt. I found mine at a local consignment store. You could also grab a white skirt and use fabric liquid dye to dye it brown. 

Vanellope Halloween Costume 7 copy

Step 9: Put on the costume, add a giant faux lollipop as a prop and go trick-or-treating!

Vanellope Halloween Costume 8 copyVanellope Halloween Costume 9 copyVanellope Halloween Costume 10 copy

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