Craft: Grapefruit Candle Wax Tarts

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This grapefruit candle wax tarts post is sponsored by As You Wish Pottery. All opinions are mine alone. This post contains affiliate links.

Grapefruit Candle Wax Tarts Recipe

Skip the store bought wax tarts and make your own, using your favorite essential oils. It’s an easy DIY project and you can double the batch for a larger quantity. For these tarts, we used grapefruit essential oil. The citrus scent makes the house smell wonderful! These homemade wax tarts make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or any occasion when paired with a wax warmer. If you are in Arizona, California or Utah, head to an As You Wish location to paint your own wax warmer. 


1 cup soy wax
1 tbsp coconut oil
20-30 drops grapefruit essential oil
silicon mold
microwavable bowl
wax warmer


Step 1: Head into an As You Wish studio to paint a wax warmer! Check the calendar for special deals.

Grapefruit Wax Candle Tart 7 copy

Step 2: Place 1 cup soy wax and 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a microwavable bowl. Microwave for 1 minute increments, stirring in between, until everything is melted.

Grapefruit Wax Candle Tarts 1 copy

Step 3: Mix in 20-30 drops of grapefruit essential oil to the wax mixture.

Grapefruit Wax Candle Tarts 2 copy

Step 4: Pour the wax mixture into a silicon mold and allow to harden overnight. Once they harden, pop them out of the mold.

Grapefruit Wax Candle Tart 4 copyGrapefruit Wax Candle Tart 3 copy

Step 5: Place a tea light candle inside of the wax warmer. Put the wax tarts in the warmer dish. Enjoy the grapefruit scent as the candle melts the wax tart!

 Grapefruit Wax Candle Tart 5 copy Grapefruit Wax Candle Tart 6 copy

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