Thanksgiving: Extra Thankful Turkey Printable Gift Tag

I have a fun Thanksgiving printable for you today, to show a little extra appreciation for the special people in your life. You can attach this printable to a package of Extra Gum. My son and I have a very special person in mind for who we will be sharing this little gift with. There were some safety concerns at my son’s old school and I ended up pulling him out on Day 2 this year. It was a difficult decision because we knew that he’d miss his classmates. I was also worried about how well he’d adapt to a brand new environment, when the previous year was a tough adjustment. Logan, like a lot of children, is a creature of habit and change throws him off his game. Heck, change throws me off my game too.

Ultimately, I went with my mama gut and I’m so glad that I did because it led us to a new school that he’s thriving in. Morning drop offs are much less stressful when your child WANTS to be at school. As soon as I drop him off, he immediately searches for his teacher and tackles her with giant hug. She’s genuinely happy to see him and celebrates the little milestones of his life right alongside of me. We are EXTRA thankful for his new school and especially his new teacher! I still remember the teachers who went above and beyond in my life and their encouraging words still linger in my ears. My 9th grade English teacher is probably why I’m even a blogger.

Sometimes teaching is a very thankless job, but yet it’s one of the most important jobs out there. I encourage you to show a little EXTRA appreciation to your child’s teacher this year. Grab a pack of Extra gum and attach one of these cute turkey printables to it. The littlest gesture can go a long way.

Extra Thankful Turkey Printable Version 2

I’m Extra Thankful PRINTABLE

Extra Thankful Turkey Printable

We’re Extra Thankful PRINTABLE

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